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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


5 Ideas for Holiday Tablescapes
by Jane Blanchard

This year, don’t stick with the same old holiday tablescape that you’ve been using for, like, ever. It is time to mix things up and let your table tell the story. There are so many innovative and simple ideas that you can use to liven up your table. We’ve compiled a list of five ideas that you’ve just got to try.

1. Elegant and luxurious is always a safe and lovely option for a holiday tablescape. You can stick with popular holiday color palettes like the one shown in the picture. Other popular colors that are used around the holiday are silver and blue. You can change the colors out based on the holiday. Be sure to place a candle in the middle to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Photo Credit: hgtv.com
2. Instead of having a large centerpiece, you can create smaller pieces and line them in the center of the table. This idea also creates more space for people who would normally be eating close to the large centerpiece. You can create pieces that look the same, like in the picture, or you can create pieces with small variations. As long as all of the pieces tie together in some way, there’s nothing wrong with changing them up.
Photo Credit: findinghomeonline.com
3. Using lanterns on a table as the tablescape is an innovative idea that most people have not seen. It is different than your typically table pieces and this set-up will have all of your guests in awe. People will wonder where you got the beautiful and different idea. This is the tablescape that you should choose if you like to be innovative and try things first. It creates a warm and inviting environment and makes the entire table seem a little bit cozier. If you use real candles, you can eat by the candlelight and light from the Christmas tree.
Photo Credit: sharpsfarm.blogspot.com
4. If you are looking to create a more natural tablescape, bring in items from your yard and use them as decoration. The idea may seem a little out of the box, but it’s an inexpensive way to decorate a table.
Photo Credit: thewhitebuffalostylingco.com
5. A simple thing you can do to dress up a table without going all out is by folding napkins in a decorative way. There are easy tutorials online and almost anyone can do it. It just takes a little bit of patience and time.
Photo Credit: designsstudioco.blogspot.com
This is the year to do something different. With each of these ideas, you can incorporate your own creative touches and holiday traditions. Make it your own and enjoy all of the compliments you receive this year.

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Angela Adams said...

Thanks for the great--and lovely--ideas! Happy Holidays!!