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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Contemporary romance author Dorothy Callahan can usually be found under a pile of cats on her lap. If not there, check the local antique stores. She's pretty predictable that way. Today Dorothy hands the bully pulpit over to her heroine Cora, who’s as frustrated as a jilted woman can be. Learn more about Dorothy and her books at her website. 

Tale of the Frustrated Heroine
I should have kept my mouth shut. But when you work with controlled substances in a hospital, and the person you report to is acting suspicious and hiding the medical log books, and you have more backbone and sass than a herd of wild stallions, you find yourself confronting the person who has the ability to make or break you.

Today I was broken.

Like, four years of my veterinary technician career GONE kind of broken.

Merry effing Christmas to me.

But Nana is hosting the family again, all week long, leading up the Annual New Year's Eve Bash. I haven't been home in forever. Okay, technically it's only been four years since I moved to Long Island. But it seems like forever. And I so desperately need to see my family again. Even though I never told them. Never told them about what happened the last time I tried to visit them.

When I wound up in the hospital.

When Matty disappeared, choosing to play bagpipes for the hottest band in Europe over being with me.

Leaving me alone in the hospital.

A choice that sent my life spiraling down the toilet, financially and emotionally scarred and ruined.

Not for him, though. No, apparently, Matty's not only become the Master Piper for the group he left me for, but they've gotten so popular that you can't go anywhere without hearing about Matteu MacKenzie and The Bagpipe Barons. They've literally taken the world by storm.

Whooptie-frigging-doo for him.

Nana warned me when I pulled up to my old home, my beautiful family horse farm on Skaneateles Lake in Upstate New York, that the entire family was already here. She warned me that she had to crowbar additional people into every room.

But she didn't warn me that my roommate for the week wore a kilt.

Ever Since
Gorgeous. Scottish. A musician—but not in the traditional sense. No, Matteu MacKenzie is one of the best bagpipe players around—a Master Piper. And Cora had given her heart to him, only to have him break it by choosing his music over her. But a secret they share is tearing them apart, and unless Cora is willing to acknowledge what happened, Matty feels their love can never be redeemed. And by midnight on New Year’s Eve, their chances will expire.

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