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Monday, July 1, 2019


M. E. Bakos writes light, humorous fiction and is the author of the Home Renovator Mystery Series. When she isn't plotting home improvements, she's plotting cozy murder mysteries. Learn more about her and her books at her website. 

Thank for inviting me to blog here today! I appreciate the opportunity to tell you about my Home Renovator Series and to introduce my main character, Katelyn Baxter, of Crocus Heights, Minnesota.

Katelyn has always had a passion for renewing spaces, along with a fascination with mystery and murder. Who knew she would find a dead body in her first home renovation in Fatal Flip, the first Home Renovator Mystery, or that spirits were trapped in her renovation in Deadly Flip, the second novel in the series?

Her two main design precepts are: be true to the home’s style and keep it simple. In Deadly Flip, the craftsman’s era used earth tone colors and wood. By using lighter shades of paint colors and removing a wall between the kitchen and living room, she brings the home built during the Great Recession into the 21st century. Now, if she could only rid the home of restless spirits.

She’s more likely to pitch a bucket of paint at an intruder, or hoist a hammer to fend off a villain than bake cookies. Between finding a diary from a dead girl, bailing out a basement flood, finding a mysterious photo, and doors that slam and things that go bump, she pursues renovating the project from hell with determination and grit. Removing the bad karma is her first priority.

She performs a sage burning and séance. Her BFF, Myra, hires paranormal investigators. Along with ridding the house of bad karma, there is a whole lot of cleaning, painting, and renovating. Katelyn offers a few home improvement tips at the end of her books with a dash of humor.

Curb appeal is what makes a potential buyer stop at your home for sale. A seasonal wreath, fresh numbers on the house and mail box, and outdoor flower pots all help sell your home. Crime scene tape, not so much.

A few simple ideas to stage the inside of a home are: a fresh bouquet of flowers, new sofa accent pillows, and the smell of baking cookies or bread.

Katelyn is fortunate to have Wayne, a retired handyman and neighbor, to help with renovating her houses. While he is away, she bravely takes on framing a plate glass mirror to add character and to hide a bit of missing silver at the bottom edge. You can view it above and judge for yourself if it’s a DIY project you’ll want to try. She’ll tell you all about it in the next Home Renovator Mystery. An overview of framing a mirror involves wood, a power saw, paint, glass glue, and chisel if your mirror has clips.

Read about Katelyn’s challenges in renovating a home and dispelling bad juju from a murder in Deadly Flip. The ebook is currently on sale.

Deadly Flip
A Home Renovator’s Mystery, Book 2

Flipping houses can be deadly!

Katelyn takes on a home renovation in Hiptown, Minnesota, that “has history . . . a murder” at BFF Myra’s urging. What was she thinking? A young woman had been killed by the former homeowner, and the girl didn’t get the justice she deserved. The killer got away with murder! 

Katelyn finds a hidden diary, foils an intruder, and discovers more secrets while delays and expenses escalate as she renovates the house. Could the victim’s restless spirit be haunting the house, making it the rehab from hell? Can she find peace and justice for the dead woman? To get the renovation back on track, Katelyn, Myra, ex-hubby Eddy (it’s complicated), and handyman Wayne hold a séance and bring in paranormal investigators. Will this finally rid the house of bad karma?

To top it off, Eddy is acting just plain weird, and hunky Sheriff Don Williams is a puzzle. Nosy neighbor, Mrs. Gilman, and Boots, the rescue cat, add to the fun in the second Home Renovator Mystery.

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ebook  (on sale for $1.99 through July 3rd)


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Your sleuth sounds fascinating and funny!
Good luck and God's blessings with your series

Mary E said...

I think you would enjoy the series! Thank you for stopping by, Pam.

M.E. Bakos