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Monday, December 7, 2020


A Perfect Pandemic Stocking Stuffer

Shortly after the pandemic hit this past spring, authors began asking each other how they were going to handle Covid-19 in their books. Should they incorporate self-quarantining, social distancing, and mask wearing into their stories or completely ignore the pandemic? As the main character in a mystery series, I know these things because we characters know everything there is to know about our authors, and (little secret here) just as authors talk among themselves, so do we characters.


My author, Lois Winston, decided she wasn’t going to address Covid-19 in future books about me, for which I’m totally grateful. She’s dumped enough mayhem into my life—not to mention dead bodies—over nine books and three novellas. Besides, murder and mayhem aside, The Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries are humorous cozy mysteries. There’s nothing humorous about a pandemic that’s killed more than a million people and counting worldwide. Lois plans to leave Covid-19 to the dystopian and thriller authors.


But Covid-19 can’t be ignored in real life. Last Friday I posted about a children’s book Lois wrote that’s perfect for these stressful times and would make a great holiday gift for the kids in your life. Today I’d like to tell you about a product we all need and why I’ve decided to promote it here on the blog.


Shortly after the pandemic hit, Lois’s oldest son lost his job. Instead of freaking out because he’s got three kids and a wife recovering from a battle with breast cancer, he took a leap of faith. With his background in engineering, chemistry, and marketing at several major companies in the consumer products industry, he worked with some of his contacts to develop an all-natural cleansing and deodorizing spray for face masks to use in-between mask laundering. The result was Cavere Face Mask Cleanser.


Cavere is sourced from natural ingredients, is not tested on animals, includes ethyl alcohol (the active ingredient in numerous hand sanitizers), and is made in the US from globally sourced components. It guards against the buildup of dirt and oil that can cause “maskne”. In addition, the fresh minty scent is a welcome relief from “mask breath”. Since Lois and I are joined at the hip, I, for one, really appreciate that!


You can read more about Cavere at the Cavere Products website  and order through Amazon

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