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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


photo by Tracy Hunter

Joseph Rodriguez  writes about everything related to his thoughts on personal finance and money matters. His recent work is about the Top Online Masters in Accounting Degree Programs in the US. Today he joins us to offer some suggestions on saving money when planning the floral centerpieces for a wedding.

How To Save Money On Floral Arrangements for a Wedding
Floral arrangements are very important for any wedding. They're often the focal point to many beautiful backdrops for the special day, centerpieces during the reception, and an important accessory for the bride herself. So for the sake of saving a little bit of money on what's likely going to be a very costly day to begin with, there are easy some steps that you can take to keep your investment at bay.

Plan Out What You Need
First think about what arrangements you're going to want, and then start thinking about the place for all of these arrangements in the wedding. The ideal time to do this would be well before the wedding itself. While you want something that is fresh and delivered the day of, or the night before, you're going to have to inform the florist of the precise order well before you actually need the arrangements, to give them time to prepare.

Pick a Florist
You should do a little bit of research into your local area to see who's able to provide the quality of arrangements you're hoping for. There are likely several shops in the vicinity competing with one another, and you might be able to use this aspect to your advantage to get a better deal (this'll be worth it - flowers are costly). Make sure that you're spreading the word around that you have a big order for an upcoming wedding, and that you're looking for the means to save the most money while simultaneously getting the best arrangements.

Be Flexible
As a bride, groom, or other member of the court, you've got to give a little on what your ideal vision is. Furthermore, you might not have a particular arrangement in mind, and simply know what color scheme you're attempting to provide the ceremony. Give what information that you have to local florists and see what kind of arrangements they can make to best match what you would like to see. Give them a few days, especially if your arrangement requires flowers that aren't as easy to come by. Be open to suggestions, and never be afraid to ask for another idea - as long as you're doing so well in advance.

Give a Bit
If you're not willing to give in when it comes to your vision, at least be willing to give a bit when it comes to your time. Consider a trade off in order to save some money - is there room in your contract to thank your florist by name? Are you willing to spread the word to all your guests about where your beautiful flowers came from? Consider mentioning one of these possibilities in your next negotiation.

These tips should aid you in saving money a bit of money. Remember that timing is of the essence, and that providing an ideal amount of it can benefit your budget greatly. Just formulate a good idea of what you want, and see which of the flower shops in your vicinity can give you what you want for a price that you can both appreciate.

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