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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Walls surrounding Lucca, Italy

Continuing with our European adventure this week, we travel to Lucca, Italy, first settled by the Etruscans, then colonized by the Romans in 180 BC. The forum the Romans built within the city still stands. 

Due to the unique construction of its four circles of walls surrounding the city, Lucca is the only Italian city not conquered by the Medicis of Florence.

Lucca is the birthplace of Puccini

Facade of the Church of San Michele

Church of San Michele
Lucca is a small city with a population of under 375,000, but it's known as the city of 100 churches, many dating back to medieval times. Some, like the Church of San Michele, were never completed, due to a lack of funds. Above, you can see from a side view of the church that the top third was never built, only the front facade.


Close-up of Cathedral exterior

Exterior of Roman Forum

Inside the walls of the Roman Forum

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