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Monday, September 27, 2021


Romance and romantic suspense author Terri Reed has notched up many writing awards and landed on quite a few bestseller lists during her career. She’s also had one of her books, A Family Under the Christmas Tree, adapted into the Hallmark movie Picture a Perfect Christmas in 2019. Learn more about Terri at her website where you will also find links to her other social media sites. 

Hello everyone! It’s a perfect fall day with its crisp air, cooler weather and changing of the leaves. I love the burst of color on the hillsides and the comfy clothes I get to unearth from the closet--like snuggly fleece jackets, cozy sweaters, and cute hats. One of my favorite things in fall is to stop by the apple orchards and bring home fresh picked apples to make all sorts of apple inspired desserts. 


There is one aspect of fall, however, that I don't look forward to—cleaning up all the fallen leaves and acorns. 


We have a giant oak tree in our front yard and for the past couple of years it's been throwing acorns like snowflakes. I hear them hitting the ground and the roof of our house all day and all night. I’ll admit the acorns fall every year, but not like this. I Googled to find out why this was happening and learned way more than I probably needed to know about trees that drop nuts, which by the way, are called mast. 


Apparently, because our weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been so warm and we've had no spring frosts, the trees are overproducing acorns. One theory I read, said the trees were throwing more acorns in hopes new trees would sprout. I can’t have another big oak tree in my yard; there’s no room!


I also learned that trees don’t drop nuts until the tree reaches 50 years old. Our tree is estimated to be 150 years old. 


While this overabundance of acorns makes a mess, it also brings an overabundance of birds—so many different kinds, though, I love to see the Blue Jays. There are also squirrels out in droves. We've even had raccoons and possums snacking on the acorns. It makes me happy to see the animals coming for nature's bounty. 


A few years ago, I made some fall decorations for our Thanksgiving table. I recently got them out and decided to incorporate some of our abundant acorns into my fall decorating. I have them sitting on my entryway table for now. And I just love how adding some acorns really makes it more festive.


To make these centerpieces, these are the items you need:

Mason jar [colored ones look nice]

silk flowers and fall foliage

glass rocks

ribbon trim

leaf stickers

a glue gun

an LED candle



In celebration of fall I wrote a novella, Protecting the Heiress, as part of the Dangerous Pursuits collection. These 15 original novellas of suspense are available for preorder now. The collection releases October 12 on all online retail platforms.


Protecting the Heiress

Time is running out...

On a damp Seattle night, Cecily Fairhaven is rescued from a mugger by the man who broke her heart, Malcolm Cruz. When she learns it’s not a coincidence that Malcolm has shown up out of the blue and that her life is in danger, she must set aside her hurt and anger to trust the man she once loved. But is she really safe? Or will she suffer another broken heart when he leaves? 


US Air Force Operations of Special Investigations Agent Malcolm Cruz received a cryptic message begging him to protect Cecily. To honor the man who’d been instrumental in his career, Malcolm wasted no time traveling across the world to safeguard the only woman he’s ever loved and to ensure she makes its home to deal with her father’s estate.  But as the threats against her escalate and his feelings for her resurface, he begins to wonder if either of them will come out of this unscathed. 


Buy Link 


Terri Reed said...

Thank you for having me on your blog!

Terri Reed said...

Oops, I forgot to add that I'll be choosing a commenter to receive a signed backlist book!
Tell me what you do to decorate for the fall season.

Valri said...

Loved the post, Terri!!!! I've already read your story, as you know - loved it! - and pre-ordered the collection. I miss the Pacific Northwest and the changing leaves. Not much here in my part of Texas!

Terri Reed said...

Bless you! Texas is very different from Oregon! You'll have to come back for a visit.

Diana Hardt said...

I enjoyed reading the post. Years ago we used to do more decorating for fall, but now we don't decorate that much for fall.

Patricia B. said...

I have an old bushel basket I put in the front hall on a short table. With oasis in the bottom, I put branches with leaves, and fall flowers (all artificial) in it. I tie the basket with ribbon and a bow. I change out the pic decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving I switch it to Christmas and winter branches, flowers, and picks. For Christmas I have a few teddy bears I put with it. We have a carved bear for the other seasons.

Terri Reed said...

Diane, sometimes it seems fall comes and goes so quickly. I'm already seeing Christmas decorations out. LOL

Terri Reed said...

Patricia, the old bushel basket sounds like a wonderful base for all your decorating. I love teddy bears!


We're happy to have you stop by for a visit, Terri!

Roxanne C. said...

In my kitchen I hang a grapevine wreath decorated with autumn berries. I decorate my hutch with faux fall leaves, a fall floral bouquet, faux pumpkins, plaques of autumn blessings, and teacups in seasonal colors.

Terri Reed said...

Roxanne, your decorating sounds lovely! Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Other family members have some charming faux pumpkins and other decor that will probably be going up soon.
Several years ago, I handmade a decoration for Thanksgiving. Origami place markers for the dinner table, and I carefully (because my handwriting is often hard to read, esp. if it gets smudged) wrote our names in different colors of pen ink with glitter in it.
But I think my favorite is seeing the kitchen fill with the 'decor' of packages of seasonal foods and beverages :) .

Thanks for sharing great ideas for fall decor :) !
Not actually anonymous, just tech-challenged: Madie B.

Terri Reed said...

Madie B. I love the idea of origami place markers. I've never seen ink with glitter in it. Cool.

Anonymous said...

I haven't needed to replace pens in a while, so I tried looking. It doesn't seem like most places have entire packs of the pens I was talking about- color ink with visible pieces of glitter in it. Most "glitter" pens are uniformly metallic ink. But many variety packs of gel pens with at least 20 seem to include the type I used, if that's something you'd be interested in using for crafts.
That said, I find most pens are good to use on origami paper. They're usually much easier than markers- esp. on the colorful side of the paper (the white side is much better at retaining drawings or letters without smearing).
By the way, thank you to this blog post for mentioning about your book being made into a Christmas movie- my mom and I are already keeping an eye out for the next time it plays :) !
Madie B.

Terri Reed said...

Thank you Madie, for the info. I appreciate it.

Terri Reed said...

Okay ladies, five commenters...you each get a back list book. Email me at terrireed@sterling.net